If you haven't noticed, one of the biggest beauty trends of this year is having big, bold eyebrows. Thanks to brow Queen Cara Delevigne and other social media models, trying to achieve the thick brow look is every girl's beauty goal. Due to everyone's obsession with achieving optimal #browgoals, many people have turned to a more permanent form of sculpting their eyebrows: microblading.

Microblading is similar to tattooing your brows, but a special pen is used to draw hair-like marks to shape and fill in your brows. People have claimed that they give a more natural look than other brow treatments and products, and it's a semi-permanent treatment that doesn't need daily touch-ups like using regular brow pencil.

Seems like a great investment for flawless brows, right? Well, not everything is perfect, and going through with this procedure has its downsides. Celebrity brow expert Ramy Gafni is definitely not a fan of this procedure, and for a good reason, too!

When talking about Bella Thorne's microblading job, he said “the results are tragic. It’s an example of a beautiful young woman ruining her appearance by doing a permanent or semi-permanent technique on her brows.” Many times, the results won't come out as natural-looking as people rave about, and can make your eyebrows look like one hot mess!

“Our brows change over time and 95% of clients I’ve met regret doing anything permanent on their brows,” he told Bravo. “There are great tools to help anyone easily achieve perfect brows today.”

Instead of going under the microblading needle, Gafni recommends just sticking to old fashioned brow pencils and pomade. Although they're not a permanent fix, they won't leave you with obviously fake brows for months!

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